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Like a biologist i arrange nature tours, i have many years of experience in introducing the Tenerife´s flora, fauna and geology.

After my studies at the University of La Laguna,
I worked for the council environment of the island,
I have taught courses in nurseries and gardening with native plants, as well as tropical and subtropical.

Ask for the teach conference, guided tours for groups, classes and senior travel, as well as individual activities.
The following conferences are organized for groups with PowerPoint presentation:
"Introduction to climate, geology and biology of the island of Tenerife"
"Nature as art César Manrique"


There are on the island different climatic conditions depending on this altitude, location and geomorphology, the surface of the island of Tenerife (2,057 square kilometers) and the age of the oldest materials on the sea level (about 15 million years ) have favored an abundance of plants, many are rare, unique (endemic).

Isolated on the island, many species have evolved over time to reshape (endemic). Surrounded by sea, temperatures were milder on the islands, many herbage can survive here glaciations (paleoendemismos).



For reservations call:

(0034) 607 677 252


In case you can not contact whit Cristobal can call to Mrs. Ulrich
(0034) 661 960 180